Monday, 15 February 2016




If you are a regular visitor here you will know I am a huge Star Wars fan and I love to build star wars models as they really are a great way to relax at the workbench and take one's mind off the often too serious issues of model building...........Y'know, the accuracy,  the details, the paint, the finish, the number of rivets! 

OK, it's time to recharge the modelling mindset, shut the door,  put a good CD on and escape to the stress free world of a galaxy far, far away.............

 I love the new X-Wings featured in The Force Awakens! The best kit out there is the Bandai 1/72 scale model. This is only available from Japan due to licensing restrictions, but certain auction sites will help you find them! 

Its a great kit and very well detailed, but I wanted a larger 1/48 model to display next to my Red 5 T-65 X-Wing. 

Unfortunately, there isn't one. But! There is the 1/50 Revell Easy Kit that is designed for younger modellers to complete without paint or glue. 
Here is what you end up with, out of the box: 

OK it looks like a toy. But with a little modification we can achieve a reasonable replica and have a larger scale X-Wing for episode VII for a half the price of the Bandai kit.

Revell paints this kit in the markings for Poe Damaeron's X-wing which is destroyed early on in the film. As I plan to build his Black and Orange fighter, I thought I'd indulge in a little artistic licence and build an X-Wing from Dameron's resistance squadron. There are pics of these fighters on the web, but they are few in number, here are some pics of T-70's I found and used as a reference: 

The kit does not take much building, but it did need a re-paint so lots of masking was involved! I took the kits BB-8 droid and replaced it with a fictional R2 unit. I used decals from a old Fine Molds X-Wing kit for the droids markings.

It's a shame Revell does not include a pilot figure in it's kit as it would add to the "playability" of the model or for us modifiers, it would make life a little easier.........Hehehehe! 

I "cut and shut" a couple of 1/48 Hasegawa figures to make my resistance pilot, he's no work of art, but he looks OK to me and he fits the model perfectly. 

Once I had the sub assemblies for the fighter already painted it was just a matter of putting them together and then getting to work on the weathering. I chose to mark my fighter as "Blue III" I have no idea if this was in the film-it looked right! 

I had fun with the weathering process and went for the mission weary look using a mix of black and grey washes and airbrushed effects. Paint chipping was done with metallic paints and pencils.

This was a fun build! If you would like a hassle free non rivet counting project, try it! 

Here is how mine turned out! I'm already looking forward to the next one! 

That's all from me this time! Hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to comment or G+ if you liked this model. Thanks for stopping by and remember............