Sunday, 12 June 2016

Weekend round up!


It feels like I hardly ever time at the workbench these days! Still, in between all that life throws at me, I have managed to get a few things done here and there.

Here's what ended up on my bench this weekend:

American Sniper:

This 120mm figure arrived on my bench this week I couldn't wait to get started! It depicts a US Navy Seal Sniper with quite a striking resemblance to Chris Kyle, of whom the movie american Sniper was based. I have cleaned up all the resin parts and assembled the figure. I must say I am well impressed with the quality and fit of this figure. 

The figure has now been primed ready for painting. I'll post pics as I go.

Another Thunderbolt!

I also started Revell's 1/48 P-47N. It is an old Monogram USA tooling that I built early on and I wanted to revisit it. I last saw this kit about 15 years ago! I did not do a very good job of it at the time so I want to try again!
I picked up this re-issue of the kit for a good price.

I am building this one as a no thrills kit, so I will need to work hard to get the best out of it. I will be using the box art decals "Too Big and Too Heavy" It is a great scheme! The plastic is very soft and the model is basic in design, but it still has that old American kit feel to it that reminds me that Monogram brought us all a lot of pleasure over the years.

So far I have re-scribed the airframe, installed the cockpit and mounted the landing gear. The Monogram designed kit has some strange quirks, but its still an enjoyable build.

The peoples vote B-17G

I have also moved on a tad with the 1/72 B-17G build and I have to say its fighting me all the way! I think the problems I have encountered are my own fault rather than that of the kit itself. 

With all that interior inside it, I was left with a terrible seam gap on the forward fuselage. I have been filling and sanding ever since! I have all the transparent parts on now and they have all been masked in preparation  for painting. 

I will get past this! In the meantime, I have put the wing assembly together and I have begun to paint the engine parts, to me this is a complex kit as it has so much detail, it is not the "shake and bake" project I expected it to be.

Oh well, that will teach me to let you lot vote for which kit I build next! Ha! ha!

That's my benchtime at an end for this weekend, I'll post again soon and hopefully have more to share with you. Until then, Happy Modelling!