Saturday, 11 February 2017

Dude! Where's your Camel? LRDG Diorama WIP Part 4.

Hello again!

This update is my latest report on the progress of my Long Range Desert Patrol diorama. 

So a little extra time at the bench last evening allowed me to spray a matt coat over my Chevy truck and to see how it looks on it's base. I am quite pleased with it and the new (well, new to me!) weathering techniques I used in an attempt to bring out those details on the finished model.  

Here you can see the finished truck on the display base......

I plan to add a 1/35 camel to this diorama and this one from a 1/35 Masterbox set was perfect. I have started the painting process on this piece and thus far it has gone pretty well. I have used a mix of acrylics to paint the camels body and a mix of acrylics and oils to decorate the saddle which will have a rider mounted to it. 

This is how far I am with this piece so far......

Finally, I return to my two first figures who I affectionately refer to as "Chas & Dave" In order to add some more detail I gave the figures an enamel wash which worked well on one figure but not on the other. So I repainted the chap with the binoculars to tone down his weathering. I also did some more work to the face as I was not happy with my first effort. I still have more to do here, however I feel I am on the right path now. 

I hope you are enjoying these updates, feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

Happy modelling!