Thursday, 9 February 2017

Halfway there now! LRDG Diorama WIP Part III


I have been back at the bench to continue work on my LRDG Diorama and I must say I am enjoying this project immensely! 

Work has continued at a steady pace with my concentration back on the Chevy and its stowage and weapons. This particular version of this Tamiya kit comes with a good amount of packs, boxes and weapons to equip the vehicle and make it look mission ready.

I have painted the stowage with acrylics then brought out the details with an enamel wash and some drybrushing. This is a tad time consuming, but for me the end result is worth the work. 

I added some extra details by mounting a metal bar and scratch built PE brackets to hang some stowage on the left side of the truck, the packs used here were moulded hollow, it is a good idea to add some filler to them to bulk them out and add a little realism. 

I have also begun the weathering process on the vehicle by spraying a gloss coat all over and once dry, I hand painted all the details with oils and enamel washes. This again enhanced the details and brought our Chevy truck to life. 
I added some of my sand paste mix around the lower edges of the vehicle and also to the wheels to give the impression of sand that has been collected by the truck on its journey. This is the first time I have used a paste to do this and I was quite pleased with outcome! 

I also commenced painting on the figures which as always is a huge challenge for this modeller, wish me luck with that bit! I want to do well so much time and concentration will be needed-As well as huge magnifying lenses! 

Enough waffle from me! Check out these pics to see how I have done so far!